What is Ringuette?

Ringuette is a team sport played on an ice rink. Although Ringuette shares some similarities with hockey, there are some major differences, making it unique fascinating sport. A more thorough description of the game can be found here: http://www.ringette.ca/our-sport/what-is-ringette and here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ringette

What are the rules

Rules of the game can be downloaded here: http://www.officiatingringette.ca/pdfs/image205_0_english.pdf

What equipment is needed?

Required and optional equipment is defined as per Ringette Canada and Ringuette Quebec's rules.

Forward and defense players need the following equipment:

- Skates (Hockey style)

- Shin pads (hockey style)

- Girdle (Typical ringuette hip protector)

- Pelvic protector

- Ringuette pants

- Shoulder pads (Hockey style - Optional at ringuette but highly recommended)

- Elbow pads (Hockey style)

- Helmet (Hockey style - CSA certified)

- Ringuette facial protector (CSA certified type A or B (formerly type 5 or 6))

- Neck Protector

- Gloves (Hockey style)

- Mouth guard (Optional)

- Ringuette stick (Not a cut-off hockey stick)

- Practice jersey

Goalies need the following:

- Skates (Hockey player or goalie style)

- Goalie pads (The association can provide those)

- Chest pad (The association can provide those) or players shoulder pads/elbow pads

- Goalie pants/Hockey socks (Or the girdle/ringuette pants combination

- Pelvic protector

- Neck Protector (even if one is already incorporated to the chest pad)

- Helmet (Hockey style - CSA certified with a ringuette facial protector (CSA certified type A or B (formerly type 5 or 6)) or Ringuette goalie mask/grill combination certified for ringuette (Please consult us for details)

- Goalie stick (Hockey style - The association can provide this)

- Goalie blocker (Hockey style - The association can provide this)

- Goalie trapper (Hockey or Ringuette style) or ringuette goalie glove

- The mouthguard is optional

- Practice jersey

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