Registration season 2019-2020

Submitted by: Stephanie Moreau

Registration season 2019-2020

Here are the registration fees for the next season

U8 - Moustiques $200

U10 - Novice $350

U12 - Atome $350

U14 - Benjamine $400 *

U16 - Junior $400 *

U19 - Cadette $400 *

U24 - Juvenile $400

21 yrs and + Inter / Open *

30 yrs and + Senior $400

*Please take note that all player that will make the U14A, U16A, U19A or Open A team, will be charge an extra $50.00. This extra amount will have to be given by either the coach or manager of that team upon picking up the team sweaters.

  • We have this year a pre-registration that will give an extra $50.00 off the regular season fee if registration amount is paid in full before July 15, 2019.
  • As per last year, all new players underground 18 yrs old, will get a 50% rebate if registration is paid in full but will not have the extra "early bird discount". Anyone choosing the installments, will not be able to apply the $50.00 rebate.
  • A full time goalie will get also a 50% discount reimbursed in january if again registration in full.

For any questions, please email either : ou


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