The association’s convening process are guidelines that we, as an association, use to form teams and then place the teams in their respective levels. Please note that these are guidelines that we, as an association, do everything we can to follow. These are not laws.

It is very important that this process be done in the most fair and objective manner and be done in a way that allows the girls and their teams be placed in a level where they can be competitive and challenged to improve.

The convenors for the season will be announced before the try-outs.

Objectives of Player Evaluation

To provide a fair and impartial assessment of a player’s total skills during the skating and scrimmage sessions;

To ensure that players have a reasonable opportunity to be selected to a team appropriate to their skill levels as determined during the on-ice evaluations of the current year;

To provide coaches with the opportunity and flexibility to build a team based in part on their own coaching philosophy and knowledge of player skills and attitude;

To provide uniformity and consistency in the evaluation process to ensure both the player’s and parent’s expectations are consistent as players move through the various levels of the association’s programs;

To form teams to maintain balanced and competitive play where the athletes can develop and participate equitably and have fun playing during the season;

To provide feedback in order to develop players.

Team Selection

The first step in the process is to have the coordinators from each level obtain the correct personnel in place in order to conduct the evaluations.

This includes the following support personnel:

A registrar signing the girls in and handing them their sweaters.

3-4 evaluators with the appropriate forms in the stands.

3-4 coaches on the ice to run the appropriate drills.

Prior to the session, the convenor, evaluators and on-ice personnel will review all of the drills and their order in order to assist the evaluators in their preparation. The goal is for the evaluators to have everything in place so that they can maximize their evaluation time. As some groups can have upwards of 40+ girls, this is extremely important. It is also very important that the evaluators be in their own area so that they can concentrate on their task.

As the girls enter the arena there will be someone assigned to write the girls name and their corresponding sweater number down on a master list. It is important to note that the evaluators would not have access to this list.

The next step would be for the girls to get on the ice. There will be different types of sessions but the first few would be mostly for skill evaluation.

The first 5 minutes would be for the girls to get properly warmed-up. Once the girls have all been assembled the coaches would then run them through the agreed upon drills in the appropriate order. The evaluators could then begin to evaluate them in the appropriate skill (skating, passing, shooting, etc.)

After the first few sessions, the convenors would then typically be trying to have intra-squad and/or exhibition games. This would be in order to begin to separate the teams and also to evaluate game-play. This can also happen at the end of an evaluation session if there is time.

As the teams get close to being finalized, the convenor would then create a list of potential coaching candidates. These candidates would typically (but not always) be from the parents of the list of girls on the respective team. Once the Coaching staff has been selected then they would be included in the process in order to make the final selections. The coach would only be allowed to have influence over the last 1 or 2 selections to the team.

Once the teams have been finalized, the process of finding the correct level for that team can begin (in some cases this process will actually begin before the team is finalized)

This does not always mean that the team will put in a division where they will win the majority of their games. It is very important that the girls be placed in a level where they will be challenged and develop. A series of exhibition games will be scheduled with different teams from the other associations to assist in this determination. The coach and the convenors will then meet to make a determination as to the level. In some cases, other evaluators may be called upon to watch one or more exhibition games. These could be coaches from previous years or other people with relevant experience.

Coaching selection process

An e-mail will be sent out to all parents and/or prospective coaches in the pre-season asking for them to register their names. This form will ask the prospective coach their preference as to Head or assistant coach position. From there a prospective list will be put together. Once it has been established that the daughter(s) of the prospective coach has put assigned to a particular team then a finalized list can be put together. This list will then be reviewed by the convenor coordinators and a recommendation will be made to the selection committee. The selection committee will typically be composed of the head convenor and 3 other committee members (a total of 2 male and 2 female). However, in cases where one of the committee member’s family members may be involved in a particular decision, another committee member will be brought in. The selection committee will then vote and approve the Head Coach (if possible). In cases of a deadlock then the President will be brought in to cast the tie-breaking vote. The selection of the assistant coach will typically be left up to the Head Coach as it is important that they be able to work together. Please note that even if only one parent has put their name in as Head Coach, the selection committee will still review and approve the selection.

Things for parents to keep in mind

Finalization of team rosters:

The selection process is a very complex process with a lot of moving parts. The addition of one player in one level can have implications that can affect teams between levels and sometimes even age groups. We know this can be a stressful time for players and their parents but please keep in mind that we are trying to get to the best possible solution for all of the girls. Please be sure to wait until it has been confirmed to you by e-mail that your daughter is on a particular team before advising her.

Issue/conflict resolution:

If there is a situation where you see an issue with a particular decision please let us know so we can review the situation and respond appropriately and/or provide you with as much feedback as possible. We ask that all requests of this nature be made in respectful manner. We can understand that it can sometimes be difficult to keep our emotions in check especially when our children are involved but please try to remember that we are volunteering our time and doing our best. A good rule of thumb is to follow the “24 Hour rule” ie. To give 24 hours in which to give some thought to a situation. Please also keep in mind that that convenors and others are often quite busy during this time of year so it is best to send your issues in an e-mail so we can review them and give them the proper attention that they deserve. All questions are welcomed so please let us know even if you are not sure if it is relevant.

Role of the Convenor:

The role of the convenor is that of an organizer. The convenors do not get to dictate what team their daughter gets to play on. Their role is to make sure that all of the try-outs are organized properly and done in a fair manner.