What is Ringette?

Ringuette is a team sport played on an ice rink. Although Ringuette shares some similarities with hockey, there are some major differences, making it unique fascinating sport.

A more thorough description of the game can be found on Ringette Canada‘s Website and Wikipedia

What are the rules?

The most recent rules of the game can be found on the Ringette Canada Officials website.

What equipment is needed?

Required and optional equipment is defined as per Ringette Canada and Ringuette Quebec‘s rules.

Forward and defence players need the following equipment:

  • Skates (Hockey style)
  • Shin pads (hockey style)
  • Girdle (Typical ringette hip protector)
  • Pelvic protector
  • Ringuette pants
  • Shoulder pads (Hockey style – Optional but highly recommended)
  • Elbow pads (Hockey style)
  • Helmet (Hockey style – CSA certified)
  • Ringuette facial protector (CSA certified type A or B (formerly type 5 or 6))
  • Neck Protector
  • Gloves (Hockey style)
  • Mouth guard (Optional)
  • Ringuette stick (Not a cut-off hockey stick)
  • Practice jersey

Goalies need the following:

  • Skates (Hockey player or goalie style)
  • Goalie pads (The association can provide those)
  • Chest pad (The association can provide those) or players shoulder pads/elbow pads
  • Goalie pants/Hockey socks (Or the girdle/ringuette pants combination)
  • Pelvic protector
  • Neck Protector (even if one is already incorporated to the chest pad)
  • Helmet (Hockey style – CSA certified with a ringuette facial protector (CSA certified type A or B (formerly type 5 or 6)) or Ringuette goalie mask/grill combination certified for ringuette (Please consult us for details)
  • Goalie stick (Hockey style – The association can provide this)
  • Goalie blocker (Hockey style – The association can provide this)
  • Goalie trapper (Hockey or Ringuette style) or ringuette goalie glove
  • The mouthguard is optional
  • Practice jersey

What visor/cage is required?

Ringette visors/cages are not the same as hockey; they are designed to protect a players face from the tip of the ringette stick from the face of a player.
See the examples below for the required ringette visors and cages for players and goalies.