The 2023 tournament schedule is now available on PlaniTournoi.

The Pierrefonds/DDO/Ile Bizard ringette Association is happy to invite you to their annual ringette tournament from Wednesday Jan 4th to Jan 8th, 2023.  Out of town teams to be expected to start playing on the 5th.  There is a possibility that we could have some ice time available on the 4th in the afternoon for teams who would like some practices.

We are very happy to welcome the ringette community after all those months of confinement.  The Pierrefonds Sportplexe 4-Glaces with it’s 4 rinks make this a great event.  You will witness ringette at it’s best at all levels on 4 rinks in one complex.  This brings a frenzied atmosphere with players from all over Canada that will fight for a medal.

Accréditation :    TJ2223-04

Division# of GamesCostGame Duration
U10 A,B,C3 games505,00 $2 x 15 min
U12 B,C3 games545,00 $2 x 15 min
U12 A4 games675,00 $2 x 15 min
U14 A4 games760,00 $2 x 15 min
U14 B, C3 games680,00 $2 x 15 min
U16 AA5 games845,00 $4 x 10 min
U16 A4 games775,00 $2 x 15 min
U16 B,C3 games680,00 $2 x 15 min
U19AAA6 games3000,00 $4 x 13 min
U19 AA5 games845,00 $4 x 10 min
U19  A4 games775,00 $2 x 15 min
U19 B,C3 games690,00 $2 x 15 min
U24 B3 games690,00 $2 x 15 min
21 + A4 games775,00 $2 x 15 min
21 + B,C3 games690,00 $2 x 15 min
Open A4 games775,00 $2 x 15 min

Note : 

Most games are 2-15 min periods with shot clock except for U10 B-C.

AA games are 4-10 min periods with shot clock

AAA games are 4-13 min periods with shot clock and flooded between 2nd and 3rd period

Divisions with 8 teams and more will have semi-finals.

Registration :  Will open on October 1st, 2023

Acceptance :  November 20, 2023

Refreshments and snacks will be given to all players and coaches.

Entrance fees :  daily or a tournament pass

To Register please go on PlaniTournoi

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